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bantu jawab kak! B. inggris nihh :)@kadzz jawab ae lah “:-:”​

Rizki: how (1)….? Satria:(2)…. Rizki:it’s good today,isn’ it? Satria:yes,(3) Rizki:is it clear about the lesson? Satria:yes,it is Rizki:do you und …

erstand what (4)…? Satria: yes,(5)…. Isilah ruang kosong dari dialog berikut dengan jawaban yang benar di dalam kotak. cari jawaban disini!a. okay b.i meanc. we dod.studense.are you todayf.they ish.the frivasi.i doj.i’m fine​

bahasa Inggris dijawab kak mau d kumpul bsok​

Task 1 Listen to the dialogue to fill the blanks! Dirga : Good evening, Faisal. Good evening. Faisal 2 What are you (1)…? Oh, I am (2)… my best fo …

r the story telling (3)… in Surabaya. : Really? When will you (4)… in the competition? Tomorrow. That’s why I am so (5). *** Good. I hope you will be the (6)… of the competition. Thank you, Dirga. I hope so. Wish me (7)… Of course. Good luck! Dirga Faisal : Dirga Faisal Dirga Faisal : Dirga Pindal QR Code untuk Mendengarkan​

buatlah 10 soal tentang percakapan b.inggris tema memuji teman contoh foto: ada berserta jawabannya ya kak senin kumpul segera ya kak ​

tolong urutin gambarnya dong, dgn cerita yg benar.. sm bantu nomor bawah nya itu​

buatlah 10 soal tentang percakapan b.inggris tema memuji teman contoh foto: adaberserta jawabannya ya kak ​

C.Change the underline word with the most appropriate pronouns.1. Dad talks to the _strangers_.2.Amanda feeds _the cat_.3.Resa borrows _Rio’s_ book.4. …

Rose always loves _Jack_.5._You and I_ have to work hard.6. Mom gives the money to _El and me_.7. We have to respect _people’s_right.8.This is _my pen_.​

B.Coose the best answer from the bracket.1. The teacher always reminds (we/our/us).7. They have broken (their/them/theirs) own dignity.8. she used to …

use (it/its/it’s).9. (they/them/their) parents have passed away.10. (she/her/hers) needs to develop a bit more confidence in.​